Mapping emotions using real-life tracking cookies

You know how your websites use 'cookies' to track you? Well, this weekend SETUP did something new: we handed out 600 real tracking cookies to visitors of the Beschaving festival.

Tracking people? Yep! Each cookie had a QR-code etched into it by a lasercutter. When people scanned the QR code we were able to figure out where they did that, and then show that live on a map (see below).


A map of three emotions

To take things a step further we created 3 types of cookies, each representing an emotion. We asked people to only scan (and then eat) the 'excited' cookie when they felt excited, the touched cookie when they were really moved, or the 'enlightened' cookie when they felt they had learnt something. The result is this beautiful map and timeline of emotions:

This map is interactive. For a bigger map click this link.

Open Data

Are you interested in the data we gathered? Then you're in luck: you can download the gathered data on or our own Open Goodness page.


Want cookies at your event?

The cookies were such a succes that we decided to turn this into one of our products. We've found a way to cheaply scale this system to any size. If you have a group of customers you'd like to get feedback from in a fun and playful way, get in touch.


Thank you!

We are so thankful to our laser-cutter heroes who spent a whole day lasering the QR-codes into the cookies: Bas Pijls, Sam Zwaan, Koen Bollen and Nils Dijk. Thank you so much! And or course thanks to all the people who scanned their cookies :-)



Photos from the festival